How to Register as a New Vendor or Contractor on IREPS website

To participate in the e-tenders (Stores/Supply Tenders, Works Tenders and Leasing/Earning Tenders) published by different Zonal Railways, Production Units, Railway Board, CORE, DMRC, KRCL, MRVCL etc. vendors/contractors need to be registered on IREPS. There is no Registration Fee for vendors/contractors to register with IREPS.

Registration of New Vendors/Contractors

Please ensure the following before proceeding for submission of a request for registration.
  • Obtain a Digital Signing Certificate (DSC) from any of the Certifying Agencies (CAs) licensed by the Controller of Certifying Agencies, India (CCA). The list of certifying agencies licensed by CCA is available on the website of CCA (
  • Install Java (JRE) on your computer. If Java is not installed on your system, or if it has got corrupted, you will get the error message ‘Failed to Open Web Signer’ in subsequent steps. Click here for more details about installation of JRE. Please note that JRE installed on your system should be of 32-bit.

Detailed guidelines on both the points listed above are available in the user manual titled Getting Your System Ready for IREPS Application which can be accessed through Learning Center link on IREPS portal.

After obtaining the DSC and installing JAVA on your system please click on New Vendors/Contractors (E -Tender) link on IREPS portal, which will bring up the page as shown in the screenshot below.

1. Submission of Registration Request 

Please follow the steps given below to submit a new vendor/contractor registration request:

  • Click on the link New Vendors/ Contractors (E-Tender) available in the left navigation of IREPS home page, which will bring up the page as shown in the screenshot below.
    • Above page is meant for initiating your request for registration, continuing with the submission of a request in case you are not able to complete the process in one sitting, checking the status of your application, as well as submitting the reply to any query that may be raised by EPS admin in reference to your application.
    • For initiating registration request, the user has to select Initiate Registration Request radio button, and then click on Proceed button, which brings up the following page:
  • Read the instructions on the page, which are given below:
    • Note1: Registration on IREPS website is mandatory for submission of bids against tenders issued through IREPS. Bidder registration is an online process.
    • Note2: Firms who intend to register themselves as bidders are required to get a "Class III Digital Signature Certificate with Firm's Name". The same can be procured from any of the Certifying Authorities (CA's) authorized by Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA). Please visit the website of CCA ( for further details.
    • Note3: Firms are advised to get the Digital Signing Certificate with the same address with which they intend to register themselves on the website. Firms who are registered/approved with zonal railways or any other approving agencies   of Railways (RDSO etc.) should get the Digital Signing Certificates with the same address as mentioned in the records of these registering/approving agencies and should use the same address for registering themselves on this website to avoid any inconvenience or disputes
    • Note4: Firms should go through instructions/guidelines issued on the subject, which can be accessed through the Learning Center, FAQ & System Settings links available on the home page in the left navigation block.
    • Note5: Firms who have arranged the Digital Signing Certificate, and have read and understood the relevant instructions/guidelines should proceed further by clicking on Proceed button below.
  • If you are in compliance with all these instructions insert your Digital Signing Certificate in the USB drive of your computer, and then click on Proceed button. This will bring up the web signer window as shown below:
  • Click on the DSC of your firm to select the same, and then click on the Select button. This will open the registration interface. As can be seen, the registration interface has multiple tabs. The user has to fill up all the tabs one by one. Other tabs cannot be accessed till the basic details tab is filled up and saved.

  • Basic Details Tab: 

    • This tab contains fields for the name and address of the firm, the contact details, the details of the primary user, and the work areas for which the bidder is applying for registration.
    • Every firm shall have only one primary user. The primary user can add more user accounts, who are termed as secondary users.
    • The primary user, as well as secondary users, can submit bids, submit replies to counter offers, acknowledge receipt of digital documents delivered online, and perform other related activities.
    • Only the primary user can add or delete secondary users. A primary can also remove himself as primary user by making one of the secondary users as a primary user.
    • A firm can get itself registered for Goods & Services module, Works module, Earning Tenders module or a combination of any of these. A firm is allowed to participate against tenders pertaining to only those modules for which it is registered.
    • After filling up the basic details tab and submitting the form by clicking on Save as Draft button, a Request ID is generated and is displayed on the page.
    • From this point onwards, the user can discontinue the form filling at any point (after saving the filled up details), and resume the same afterwards. To resume the process, the user has to click on the New Vendors/Contractors (E-Tender) link on IREPS portal, and select the radio button for the option Continue with registration request initiated earlier. The user has to enter the request ID, and use his DSC to proceed further.

  • Constitution Tab: 

    • This tab deals with the constitution of the firm i.e. whether it is a Company, a partnership firm, a proprietorship firm etc.
    • Depending on the option selected against the Nature of Business field, additional fields will come up for providing the relevant information.
    • The user has to enter the details of all the directors in case of a company, all the partners in case of a partnership firm and so on. The added details are displayed in the lower panel as shown below.
    • Note: Some of the fields like PAN Number, Category etc. will not be available for foreign firms.

  • Approvals Tab:

    • This tab relates to the approvals/registrations obtained by the firm from statutory bodies or other approving agencies.
    • The user has to choose the registration category and subcategory. If the entity has multiple approvals/registrations, all the approvals can be added one by one.
      • Only MSE (Medium and Small Enterprise) option is available in the category field at the moment with sub-categories as Coir Board, Directorate of Handicraft and Handloom, District Industries Centre, Khadi & Village Industries Board, Khadi & Village Industries Commission, National Small Industries Corporation and Udyog Aadhar Memorandum.
      • MSE firms are advised to fill up the necessary details in this tab else they may be denied the benefits available under this category.
      • This tab is meant for Indian firms only. Foreign firms shall not fill-up this tab.

  • Statutory Tab:

    • This tab relates to the statutory information required to be filled in by the entities. The following details are to be provided:
    • GST details: Firms exempted from registration under GST should choose Yes radio button, and provide the reasons for exemption in the field provided for the same. For those choosing No option, it is mandatory to provide GSTIN details. Foreign firms shall choose Yes option and state 'Not an Indian Firm' as a reason for exemption.
    • PAN Details: PAN number of the entity is mandatory for all Indian entities except Govt. departments. For Entity Type Individual, the PAN number of the owner shall be entered. Foreign Firms are not required to enter PAN Number.
    • Registration Details:
      • This is a mandatory requirement for companies. Indian Companies should choose Registered with Registrar of Companies option in the Registration Type field. Foreign entities should choose Registered / Incorporated with the Authorized Agency option.
      • Indian Partnership firms shall select Registered with Registrar of Firm's option. This field is not mandatory for partnership firms.
      • This field is not mandatory for other types of entities.

  • Upload Document Tab:

    • This tab is meant for uploading of supporting documents. The documents to be uploaded shall vary from case to case, as it depends on the details entered by the user in the other tabs. Gray/Red icon indicates that uploading of the document against this row is mandatory.
      • Users are advised to exercise due care while uploading the documents, as uploading of the wrong document shall lead to rejection of registration request.
      • For the documents that are to be filled up in standard formats (Identification form, Authorization and Declaration form), the standard format can be downloaded by clicking on the links provided on the page.
    • To upload a document the user has to click on the Gray/Red icon, which brings up the following interface:
    • The user has to enter the description of the document in the field provided for the same. For some items, the description will be inserted automatically by the system. The document can then be selected by clicking on Select File to Upload button, which brings up the web signer window as shown below:
    • The user is required to click on the Browse button to browse his computer and select the file to be uploaded. Thereafter the user shall select his Digital Signing Certificate by clicking on it, and then click on the Sign button to complete the process of document uploading.
    • The description and file name of the uploaded document will be displayed on the page. The document can be opened by clicking on the file name. If a wrong document is uploaded by mistake, the same can be deleted by clicking on delete button against the file name.

  • Sign & Submit Tab:

    • The tab is meant for final submission of the request for registration. The page displays the details filled up in all the tabs. The documents to be uploaded shall vary from case to case, as it depends on the details.
    • If all the details are correctly filled in, the user can submit his request by clicking on Sign and Submit button on the bottom the page and applying his digital signature.
    • If the form submission is successful, the user gets a confirmation message as shown in the screenshot below:

2. Checking the status of your request

  • The user can check the status of registration at any point of time by choosing the radio button for the option View Status of my registration request, entering his request ID, and clicking on Proceed button as shown below.
  • It normally takes about 3 -4 working days to approve the registration request. If the details provided by you are found in order, you will be sent an E-Mail confirming your registration and providing you the password for logging in.

3. Replying to Query raised by EPS Admin

  • While considering your request for registration the EPS admin may raise a query for seeking additional information. In such cases if you check the status of your request, you may get a message as shown below:
  • To view the details of the query raised, and to reply to the query, please select Reply to Query option on the page, enter your request ID, and click on Proceed button. You will have to verify your credentials using your digital signing certificate. The following page will come up.
  • You can submit a reply to the query by clicking on the edit icon.

Note: E-Mail ID entered herein will be the User Name for the purpose of logging into the website. This user name cannot be changed or modified after successful registration. The login password and all important messages will be sent to you on this E-Mail ID only. Please use only a valid and regularly used E-Mail ID, and enter the E-Mail ID carefully to avoid any inconvenience.


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