Digital Certificate Correctly Installed or Not in Internet Browser

To see the Digital Certificate in Internet Browser first you need to install the e-Token driver in your system. After installing the e-Token driver, insert USB e-Token containing your Digital Certificate in the system, view your Digital Certificate by going to Tools> Internet Options> Content Tab> Certificates.

Select the digital certificate and click on view button to see the details of the certificate. General tab should show that certificate is valid, now go to Certification Path tab and make sure that there is no red cross sign and it is showing the hierarchy CCA India> Certifying Authority(CA)> Sub-CA> User Name.

If it is not showing, then open your Internet Browser and go to Tools> Internet Option> Content Tab> Certificates and then import the CCA India Root certificate in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities Tab and CA (Certifying Authority) Certificate in the Intermediate Certification Authorities Tab. If you do not have CCA India and CA (Certifying Authority) certificate, the same can be downloaded from Certifying Authority website.