Use of Digital Signature in Indian Railways

Digital Signature Certificate is being used in IREPS application in a vast manner, some details are given below:
  • Registration of Vendors and Bidders: To participate in e-tendering and e-auction vendors and bidders must be registered on IREPS application and without Digital Signature Certificate registration is not possible.
  • Registration/Creation of Railway Users: Digital Signature Certificate of his/her name is required for Railway users to create the user under his/her department. 
  • Login into IREPS Application: IREPS application have two level of authentication during login. First level is user id and password and second level of authentication done by Digital Signature Certificate of the user, without Digital Signature Certificate login into IREPS application is not possible.
  • Publishing of Tenders: Railway user needs to sign all the details during tender creation/publishing process with his/her Digital Signature Certificate.
  • Documents Signing: Every documents attached with the tender must be signed by the Railway user with his/her Digital Signature Certificate, if a vendor attaching the documents with the tender during bidding process then that document will be signed by his/her Digital Signature Certificate. Users can upload the documents to their repository by using their Digital Signature Certificate.
  • Techno-commercial and Financial Bid Submission: While vendor submitting the techno-commercial bids for a tender then he/she signed all the parts of bid by his/her Digital Signature Certificate. In financial bid submission each and every financial bid signed by his/her Digital Signature Certificate before submission.
  • Tender Box Opening: In tender box opening process both Purchase and Finance members attach their Digital Signature Certificates to open the tender box.
  • Signing of Bid Sheets: Depot users signed the bid sheets using their Digital Signature Certificate for completed auctions.

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