Manual Registration Proces for Bidders on IREPS

Bidders need to be registered with IREPS application to participate in e-auctions conducting by different depots of Indian Railways. There is two type of registration Online and Manual which you can choose at the time of registration. 

In the case of Online Registration, you need to pay the one-time registration fee of Rs. 10,000/- through online payment and in the case of Manual registration you need to pay the one-time registration fee of Rs. 10,000/- by depositing at Depot.

Manual Registration process for New Bidders with IREPS application:
  • Click on the button Click here to select your Digital Signature Certificate to select your  Class III Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
    Select your DSC
  • Select your Digital Signature Certificate and click on the Select button.
    Select DSC to Submit
  • Fill the Registration Form, fields with * are mandatory to fill. Select the type of registration Online or Manual. Select Manual for the type of registration and click on the Sign& Submit button.
    Bidder Registration Form
  • Click on the OK button to proceed further.
    Confirmation for Final form submission
  • Select the Digital Signature Certificate to sign and click on the Select button.
    Select DSC to Submit
  • After successful submission of registration form, you will get a Registration Request ID, keep this request id for future references.
    Registration Request ID

Approval of Manual Registration Requests:

Approach to the nearest Depot with Registration Request ID, Original Affidavit and Scanned Copy of Affidavit in PDF format. Deposit the one-time registration fee of Rs. 10,000/- and get the receipt. Authorized depot user will check your registration form after logging into IREPS application and if found OK then he will upload the affidavit, and fee details and approve your registration request. After approval, Bidder will receive an email containing Login Password to log into IREPS application and the Bidding Password for participating and bidding in auctions.

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  1. What is the process of de-registration of bidder [e-Auction]. How to claim refund of Rs.10000/-