How to login into iMMS on IREPS portal as a railway User

Railway users which are registered for iMMIS application can login to their account through Follow the procees given below to login successfuly:
  • Open the IREPS home page by typing into address bar of your Internet Browser, go to Login tab and click on iMMIS.
  • Java Runtime Environment(JRE) version 1.6 or above should be installed on your system other wise you will get the message that "Loading of Java Applet has Failed!" and you will be not able to ogin.
  • Enter your user id & password into the user id /password field and press Login to verify that you are registered user for iMMIS.
  • If the operating system is MS Windows and your e-token is already attached in your PC, then just click on proceed to login.
  • However for login to the system with multiple options please click on ‘Show all options’. The details of various logs in types under show all options are elaborated below.
    • E-Token: User has to ensure that token driver is installed in their Device.After that user has to attach the device button to verify a valid token.
    • Windows Cert Store: User has to ensurethat Digital certificate is installed in their machine. After that user has to click on ok button to verify the installed Digital certificate.
    • PFX File: User has to ensurethat Digital PFX isavailable in their machine.After that user has to enter password in password field and press “ok” button to verify a valid PFX File.
  • Choose appropriate digital certificate from the popup window and press ok button for authentication.
After successful authentication you will be redirected to your logged in home page.