A Machine in M&P (Machinery and Plants) Tenders

M&P Tenders i.e. Machinery and Plants Tenders are those tenders in which railway zone procure the machines and plants. These tenders are large-value tenders. A machine is a combination of Basic Machine and its Concomitant Accessories, Essential Spares, Essential Services, Optional Accessories, Optional Spares, Optional Services and AMC. 

In M&P tenders published through IREPS, required quantity of Concomitant Accessories is equal to the required quantity of Basic Machine. The quantity of Spares and Services may be different from the quantity of the Basic Machine. In some tenders required quantity of Basic Machine may be zero because in such tenders railways want only Accessories/Spares/Services/AMC for the Basic Machine for maintenance etc.

M&P Tender Tender Document

In M&P tenders, you will see two column for the quantity one is Quantity/Set and other is No. of Sets for Accessories/Spares/Services/AMC. First column Quantity/Set indicates that how many numbers of items will be in a set, for example if an accessory or spare comes in a combination of left and right then here Quantity/Set for that accessory or spare will be 2. Second column No. of Sets indicates that quantity required by railway, for example if railway has given No. of Sets 5 for the item taken above for example then you have to quote for 5 sets and you have to supply 5 sets in which each set contains 2 items (combination of left and right).