Login Process for a Contrcator on IREPS

Contractors who have already registered themselves with IREPS, and have got the E-Mail for Username / Password from EPS Admin can login into IREPS application by the process given below:
  • First, open the home page of IREPS application www.ireps.gov.in and click on the Login button on the Home page and choosing the option E-Tender Works.
  • It will open the Login page for you.
  • If Java Security warning pop-up opens, please click on Continue button. If Cancel button is clicked, then you will not be able to login, and the browser window will have to be closed and re-opened.
  • Please insert your Digital Signing Certificate (DSC) USB token in USB drive of your computer, enter your Username and Password (sent by EPS admin through E-Mail) on the Login page, and click on Login button.
  • A web signer applet will be opened.
  • Please select your Digital Signature Certificate by clicking on it (which will be listed in the web signer only if the DSC token is already inserted into USB drive of the computer), and click on Select button. You will be asked to enter the DSC token password (provided by the DSC supplier).
  • Enter the password and click on OK button.
  • At this point, if you are logging in for the first time will be presented with the Change Login Password screen as shown below. It is mandatory to change the password when you are logging in for the first time.
  • Please follow the steps mentioned on the screen, and click on the Save button to change your password.
  • After the change of password, the Bidder Home page will open. The change password page will not be opened during subsequent logins. However, in accordance with the password policy, the change password page will again be displayed to the user if the user's password is more than 60 days old.

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