IREPS Online Transactions Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Online Transactions:
  • The Terms and Conditions contained herein shall apply to any person or entity using the services of Indian Railway E-Procurement System (IREPS) Portal of CRIS (Centre for Railway Information Systems) for making payments through an online Payment Gateway aggregator provider, through IREPS website i.e. The user making payment shall be deemed to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.
  • The transaction details are accessed by Officials of Indian Railways and other tendering departments. ‘Reasonable security practices and procedures’ are adopted by CRIS to protect information from unauthorized access, damage, use, modification, disclosure or impairment. Users shall understand and agree that in spite of such reasonable security practices and precautions, the details provided during online transactions over the internet or on IREPS may be susceptible to misuse, hacking, theft and/or fraud and CRIS has no control over such matters.
  • User have option to choose payment mode like Net banking, Credit card, Debit Card, IMPS etc. as allowed by payment gateway service provider at the time of making payment.
  • Transaction Charges: Users are advised to check and compare the transaction charges applicable for different modes of online payments, and choose suitable option. These transaction charges are charged by the payment gateway, and are to be paid by the user over and above the transaction amount required by IREPS. 
  • Users are advised to make payments well in advance and not wait till the last moment, to avoid any inconvenience/ loss due to unforeseen interruptions in the payment gateway services. No claim on account of any loss/ failure caused due to last minute disruption in payment gateway services shall be entertained.
  • A unique ID called ‘IREPS Reference ID’ is generated by IREPS application for all online transactions initiated by the users. This ID is communicated to the payment gateway and the status of transaction is tracked through this ID. The success or failure of the payment transaction depends on the response received by IREPS application from the payment gateway against the IREPS Reference ID.
  • The handling of the various responses received by IREPS application from the payment gateway is detailed below:
    • Online Transactions are treated as successful only if Success response is received from the payment gateway aggregator.
    • In case of communication failure from the payment gateway, the users are provided a Retry button to re-confirm the status of payment from the payment gateway. If the confirmation is not being received from the payment gateway even after repeated retry attempts, the users are allowed to make a duplicate payment after at least three retry attempts. Users are advised to make duplicate payment only if becomes unavoidable due to urgency. Such duplicate payments are subject to the refund policy detailed below.
    • In case Failed response is received from payment gateway (which may be due to insufficient funds in user account, transaction being aborted by the user, communication failure between payment gateway and user’s bank, time limit for transaction being exceeded etc.) the transaction is treated as failed, and the IREPS application would also show the status of transaction as Failed. In such cases the user is allowed to initiate new payment transaction.
    • In case of initiation of payment by users through corporate Netbanking account using maker-checker functionality, the payment gateway returns Pending for Confirmation response. Duplicate payments are allowed in such cases also after the Retry button is clicked at least three times. Users are advised to complete the already initiated transaction at their end instead of initiating a new transaction. Duplicate payment should be attempted only if it becomes unavoidable. Such duplicate payment shall be subject to Refund Policy detailed below.
    • In case of response being given by the payment gateway is other than Success or Pending for Confirmation, the payment will be treated as Failed and IREPS application would show the status of the transaction as Failed. In such cases the user will be allowed to initiate new payment transaction.
      • If the amount has been deducted from the bank account of the user against a Failed Transaction, the same will be reverted and the amount shall be credited to the user account by the payment gateway. The payment gateway minimum take 2-3 working days to revert the transaction.
  • CRIS may at any time modify the Terms and Condition for Online transactions without any prior notification to users. Users are advised to regularly review the Terms and Conditions for Online transactions available on the website.
  • Currently the online payment gateway services have the provision for accepting online payments in INR (Indian Rupee) only. 
  • Online payments through Credit/ Debit cards, Netbanking, IMPS etc. are subject to the monetary limits imposed by the banks for each mode of payment, which is independent of the balance in user’s account (wherever applicable). Users should confirm the limits for online transactions from their respective banks before attempting online transactions.
  • For any payment related clarification/ assistance users may contact our helpdesk executives (Email-, Telephone- 011- 23370703/04).

Refund Policy:

  • The transaction once done cannot be canceled.
  • Even in case of duplicate payment by the firm, refund request will have to be made by the firm to the respective tendering authority for manual refund. No request for online refund including chargeback for card payments shall be entertained.
  • If status of transaction is being shown as Failed on IREPS portal but the bank account of the firm has been debited, such transactions will be reverted and the corresponding amount shall be credited to the source account by the concerned bank automatically.
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