System Requirements for accessing

For accessing the, you need to fulfill the below requirements:

Minimum Hardware and Software requirements

User Workstation/System Requirements:
  • Hardware Requirements:
    • A system with minimum P-III Processor.
    • 64 MB RAM or above.
    • 10 GB HDD or above recommended.
    • Ethernet based Network Interface.
    • Modem or mode of connecting Internet for web based users.
    • Workable input and output devices.
    • UPS for power backup.
  • Software Requirements:
    • Windows based operating system – Windows 98 Release 2, Windows NT, Windows 2000 professional, Windows XP.
    • Web browser - Internet Explorer 5.5 or above recommended.
    • Some components of eprocurement application are not compatible with Internet Explorer 7.0 and Windows Vista Operating System.
    • Latest Anti virus running on the system.

Trouble Shooting
If you are not able to open the Tender site do the following
  • Check your Internet connectivity.
  • Open the properties box of the internet connection (double click the icon on the status bar of your machine).
  • Keep this window open on your desktop and try to open the site again. Monitor the “bytes in” and “bytes out” section in the properties window of your Internet connection. If there are no changes try to open any other site and see the difference, if still there are no changes in the bytes send and receive which means your Internet connection is hanged. Kindly disconnect your connection and reconnect your Internet connection.
  • If you are able to open and not able to open the Tender login page check if your machine is behind the proxy or any other firewall. If so ask your administrator to enable the secure connection on the proxy as Tender site is a secure site (https).
  • In case of slow connectivity to - check the speed of your Internet connection, which you are getting currently. Contact your ISP if desirable speed is not available.
  • Clear the Cache of your temporary internet files (open your browser -> Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Temporary Internet files section).
  • In the tender site if you are facing any Data Signer Control Problems, do the following:
    • Add the URL to the trusted sites in the internet options
    • Change the Active X controls and plug-ins status to " Enable ".
    • Process:
      • To add the URL to Trusted site : Open your browser -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted Sites -> Sites -> Type the URL -> Click on Add -> OK.
      • To Enable Active X Cotrols and Plug-ins : Open your browser -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted Sites -> Custom Level -> Active X Controls and Plug-ins -> Enable.
  • Run the virus scan Periodically.
In case of any query please call us at HELPDESK .

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