E-Tender- Goods and Services module: Notice for Vendors

It is brought to the notice of all Stores/ Supply Vendors that most of the tenders issued by Stores (for procurement of goods &services), Engineering (for procurement of Track supply and Track Machine items) and Medical departments (for procurement of medicines) in Zonal railways, Production Units, Divisions, Stocking Depots, Hospitals, Construction Units etc. that were earlier being published in Stores/ Supply module are now being published on IREPS- Goods & Services module.
Reverse Auction tenders being issued by Zonal railways&Production units are still being published in the old Stores/ Supply module of IREPS.

Vendors are advised to regularly login in the old Stores/ Supply module as sell as the new Goods & Services module to view details of all Goods/ Services tenders published on IREPS. Click here to download the user guide to know more about the new module.