Newly Added Features on GeM (Government e Marketplace )

Bidding Process:

-          GeM introduces CMC (Comprehensive Maintenance Cost) based evaluation for Medical equipment upto 5 years.

-          Bid Enhancements for supporting Freight intensive items such as Steel, Cement etc. made available on GeM

-          At the time of bid creation buyer can now choose delivery period upto 180 days.

-          EMD Exemption Workflow

-          Buyers can now validate sellers credentials if they are eligible for exemption of EMD in technical evaluation.

-          ATC Library - revamped

-          ATC library revamped with clause(s) most frequently used by buyers. Clause(s) are grouped under relevant tabs for easy consumption by buyers.

-          ATC for Buyback

-          Additional Terms and Conditions for buyback added in ATC library for buyers to easily pick and include in bid.

-          Bid / RA – OEM / Reseller Participation

-          To improve fair participation in Bid / RA, GeM now ensures that at least 3 sellers have participated and offered products from at least 2 different OEMs.  In case buyer wants to proceed with less than 3 Resellers or two OEMs/Brand, they have to upload approval from Competent Authority.

-          Bid / RA – ATC request Approval

-          Buyers shall take necessary approval from competent authority before placing request on GeM for additional Terms and Conditions w.r.t Bid.

-          Allow Buyer to pick any seller's price offering as reference for Bid:

-          Buyer are now provided with an option to choose any price offering from the catalog as reference price for the Bid, in order to reduce chances of bid failure due to lack of participation by opting for a price that is not unreasonable.

-          Enable Bid End date selection by the Buyer

-          Now buyers can select bid duration between 10 to 21 days.

Marketplace Enhancements:

-          Detailed list of product categories is made available in downloadable pdf format for easy category search by GeM users.

-          Supporting documents for brand application can be uploaded from seller panel itself.

-          Display Category Documents on Product Direct Purchase, Bid & Contract

-          Category specification documents are now shown to buyer on product display page, bid document and contract document. This is aimed at helping buyers and sellers to check the compliance of product w.r.t category specification.

-          CMS - Catalog Search by Product ID/Catalog ID On Seller Panel

-          Seller can now directly search for a particular product that they have uploaded using the product id or catalog id.

-          Search for local Sellers / service providers on GeM

-          GeM marketplace now allows using of local search for:

-          5 PIN codes / states / districts in one go

-          Local Seller / Service Providers for Product / Services

-          Discontinued Product

-          If a product is discontinued by OEM of the brand, all paired catalogs are de-listed from the market.
This is applicable for categories in Q2 where OEMs create catalogs and resellers pair with these catalogs.

Services Enhancements:

-          Services can be procured for a single day, i.e. start and end date of service could be same.

-          Multiple consignee’s can be selected in marketplace for procuring a service through direct purchase.

-          Buyers can select option for Pre Bid meeting for certain services during bidding Process.

-          Buyer has an option to request for cancellation of service before service start date in case the service is not required after generation of contract.

-          Floor Price Capability for Service base price and add-ons with calculations preview


Fulfillment Enhancements

-          Additional Deduction field on Bills

-          Buyers can now impose additional deductions such as TDS, TDS under GST and any other applicable taxes at the time of bill creation.

-          Provision of filling actual quantity received in decimal enabled on GeM

-          To support categories that require quantity to be measured in 3 decimals e.g. Steel measured in Metric Tonnes, buyer at the time of CRAC creation can specify the exact quantity received e.g 66.045.

-          ePBG rules to restrict OEM / Sellers accept further orders

-          OEMs / Sellers for whom BG backed transaction charges apply except automobiles, would not be able to accept any further orders if:

a) BG Limit is crossed

b) BG is expired

c) Challans payment is due for more than 21 days

-          Buyers now have the option to cancel product contracts after invoice generation by seller:

-          Now buyers get the option to cancel the product contract(s) even if the invoice has been generated by seller provided 15 days have expired from delivery period.

-          GSTIN made mandatory for any seller having GSTIN number

-          Now sellers having GSTIN number will have to mandatorily provide it. Also the ones having GSTIN need to provide breakup of CGST/SGST/UGST and IGST.

Payment Enhancements:

-          GPA – Non Challan Model

-          GeM Pool Account – Non Challan Model has been launched for all PSU buyers and Non-PFMS entities

-          The Buyer would keep a floating amount in the GeMpool account hosted by banks. The floating amount would be used for all Purchases made on GeM.

-          No challan would be generated as account is pre funded by NPAE (Non PFMS Agencies and Entities)

-          IOCL is the first PSU with which GeM has activated GPA Non Challan model

-          12 Public / Private banks have adopted both GPA Challan and Non-Challan model.

Registration Process Enhancements:

-          ITR Verification exemption during Registration of proprietors from North-East states, J&K and Laddakh UT. 

-          Primary buyer can initiate the request for email ID creation for secondary buyers

-          To make it easy and fast for primary buyer(s) to request email ID creation for secondary buyers not having / email domains.

-          Alternate Contact Number can be provided by Seller

-          Seller can now provide alternate contact number, which could be a landline number, in order for buyer to contact them in case of any query.

Training / Learning Management System:

-          For ease of Buyers and Sellers to get trained with operational aspects of GeM, nomination facility for GeM operated trainings has been extended.

-          Attendance and participation feedback functionality for buyers and sellers.

-          Training videos and documents can be accessed by GeM users without logging in.

Other Enhancements:

-          Start-Up Runway Enhancements

-          GeM has launched a revamped Startup Runway for Start-ups to offer products/services that are unique in its design, process, concept and functionality on GeM. The products can directly be introduced in respective categories under startup runway.

-          Auto SCN for Post Contract Incidents

-          Auto show cause notice is issued to seller / service provider by system in case of non-delivery / refusal to supply of products / services.

-          OEM Business Cockpit

-          Business Cockpit has been enhanced with additional parameters in existing report as well as new chart widgets based on OEM and MAIT recommendations

-          GeM launches Electric Vehicle project bids

-          Electric Vehicle project bids now can be floated on GeM. Buyers can enter estimated project value during the bid creation process and select contract duration of up to 16 years.


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