What are the different classes of Digital Signature Certificates (DSC)

There are foure types of Digital Signature Certificates which are being issued by Certifying Authorities to the users. The details of these for classes are followings:
  • Class 0 Certificate: These certificates shall be issued only for demonstration/ test purposes.
  • Class 1 Certificate: These certificates shall be issued to individuals/private subscribers. These certificates will confirm that user's name (or alias) and E-mail address form an unambiguous subject within the Certifying Authorities database.
  • Class 2 Certificate: These certificates will be issued for both business personnel and private individuals use. These certificates will confirm that the information in the application provided by the subscriber does not conflict with the information in well-recognized consumer databases. Class 2 Certificate or higher is required for Railway Users for registration on e-tendering portals like IREPS.
  • Class 3 Certificate: This certificate will be issued to individuals as well as organizations. As these are high assurance certificates, primarily intended for e-commerce applications, they shall be issued to individuals only on their personal (physical) appearance before the Certifying Authorities. Class 3 Certificates are required for Vendors and Bidders for registration on e-tendering portals  IREPS.