How to submit Foreign Currency Offer for Global Tenders on IREPS Portal

To submit a ‘Foreign Currency Offer’ for an item follow the steps given below:
  • Click on the link ‘Foreign Currency Offer’ available against that item, rate page of foreign currency offer opens which is shown below. You have to give the ‘Vendor File Reference No.’ for your reference and it will remain same for all items of the tender. Enter the values for all input fields on this page and select the appropriate option from the dropdown. Select the currency from the dropdown in which you want to submit the bid also select the country of origin from the drop-down list. Enter the name for the port of shipment. Select ‘Mode of Shipment’ and ‘Basis of Offer’ from the dropdown.If you select the mode of shipment as ‘Others’ then user have to enter it in the remarks field. After filling all the values click on the ‘Submit Offer’ button to submit the offer
  • It will show the total value of the offer for the item in the alert pop-up, click on OK to proceed.
  • Now bid data have been encrypted successfully, click on OK button to proceed. 
  • Select your Digital Signature Certificate to sign the data and click on OK button.
  • After successful submission of bid data, you will gets the Bid ID with details. you can print this for future reference. Click on ‘Click Here To Continue’ to submit the bids for remaining items.