What are prerequisite for SBI online account and from SBI Branch to integrate with IREPS website

Following are the prerequisite from SBI Branch:

  • For Saving / Personal /Saral Account: User ID and password with Transaction rights is required from the Bank Branch.
  • For Vistaar / Vyapaar Account: User ID and password is required for Admin User and Normal User. After that Admin user will assign permission as Authorizer to Normal User and will make Rules with transaction limit for making transactions.These Rules then will be approved by the Bank Branch Manager, after that this Normal user will be able to do transactions on IREPS. Administrator will manage and assign permission to the normal users. Administrator can create another new user and give the permission, but these new users and their Rules should be approved by Bank Branch Manager then only new users will be able to perform transactions. For more and latest details, please consult M/s SBI.