PDFs are not opening on IREPS website

If you are not able to see the tender document, tabulations, offers etc. on www.ireps.gov.in website then check the followings:
  • Adobe Reader should be installed on your system, if not then please Click Here to download Adobe Reader and install it.
  • Pop-up Blocker should be turned off. If the pop-up blocker is not turned off then after clicking on view tabulation, offer etc link pop-up will appear and disappears in seconds. You can turn off pop-up blocker by following ways in Internet Explorer:
    1. Open the Internet Explorer, go to Tools>>Pop-up Blocker and click on Turn off Pop-up Blocker.
    2. Open the Internet Explorer, go to Tools and click on Internet Options, click on Privacy tab and uncheck the box shown in below screen for Turn on Pop-up Blocker.