What are the timings for submission of bids on IREPS portal

Vendors can submit their bids any time on IREPS i.e. 24x7, 365 Days a Year.

Vendors can submit their bids any time on IREPS website. Now there is no need to go to Railway Headquarters to submit the bids in their tender boxes. No need to paperwork i.e. You are saving the trees and environment because of IREPS. If you need to submit a document with the tender then make the PDF file of that document and attach that with the tender.

You can submit the bids at your convenient time from your home/office. But remember one thing that you might be allowed by Railway Headquarters/Departments to drop the bid envelope in the box at 15:05 Hrs while bid submission time was up to 15:00 Hrs. but on IREPS portal you will not be allowed to submit the bid even on 15:00:01 Hrs if bid closing time was 15:00:00 Hrs.

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