Submit Alternate Offer for Global Tender

Vendors are not permitted to edit/change their financial bids for an item once it is signed and submitted to the system using their Digital Signature Certificate, as the Financial Bid details are stored in an encrypted form in the server.

GT Financial Offer Page
If you want to submit alternate offer then you can submit the alternate offer in INR or in any other currency. Click on link ‘Alternate Offer (Indigenous)’ to submit the offer in INR or click on link ‘Alternate Offer (Foreign Currency)’ to submit the offer in foreign currency. The process will be the same as in the case of original Bids. Alternate bids will be treated as original bids and considered in ranking. An alternate bid can also be revised.

GT Alternate Offer

In the case of Group Wise evaluation criteria tender if you want to submit the alternate offer for a group then you have to submit the bids for all items of that group and in the case of Total Value Wise evaluation criteria, you have to submit the bids for all items of that tender.

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