Upload Documents for Bid Preparation and Submission on IREPS website

During Bid Preparation and Submission process of a tender you need to attach some documents for compliances and conditions. Yo need to attach these documents at different places but the process of the uploading/attaching the documents is same for every place in  IREPS application. Here we have taken the example to attach the documents during Bid Preparation and Submission process. To upload the document the user has to click on the document upload icon which opens the Attach Documents page as shown below: 
Upload Documents During Bid Preparation and Submission 01

At the top of the page, the condition against which the document is going to be uploaded is mentioned. The user has to enter the description / subject of the document in the space provided for the same (Min. 5 characters, Max. 35 characters), and click on the Select file to Upload button. This opens PDF signer as shown below: 
Upload Documents During Bid Preparation and Submission 02
The PDF signer consists of two parts, the upper part for selection of the document to be uploaded, and the lower part for selection of Digital signature for signing of the document. The document can be selected by clicking on the Browse button in the upper path, browsing through the computer and selecting the file to be uploaded. After selecting the desired document, the user has to select his signature in the lower part (the DSC token should be inserted in the computer beforehand. Clicking on the Sign signature button thereafter signs and uploads the document as shown below.
Upload Documents During Bid Preparation and Submission 03
All the documents uploaded against the condition are listed at the bottom of the page. The bidder can delete any of these documents by clicking on the delete button. Multiple documents can be uploaded against a tender condition. The document upload icon in the Action column turns green if at least one document is uploaded against the tender condition.

Note: You are allowed to upload documents only in PDF (Portable Document Format) file format.

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